New Video “C´est La Vie”

As life can be… not in Paris or in London - NO - Havanna was the shooting location for the new video of Gotthard´s ballad «C’est la vie»!  Nic: "For us, «C’est la vie» is a very emotional and authentic song and therefore it was important to us to find the right location and show the genuine and pure life as it really is, in all its different facets.


At a temperature of 30 degrees and with 88% humidity, the video was shot in 3 days together with 10 amazing actors at original locations in the Cuban capital. A full load of pure Cuban culture! Nic Maeder and director Martin Häusler (who was already responsible for the clip of "Remember it´s me") were overwhelmed with all the impressions. The kindness of the people who, despite of a many misfortunes, didn’t lose their pride and their joy of living, touched them both emotionally more than expected!

As did the mysterious incident at the editing desk. Director Martin Häusler: "Inexplicably, all of a sudden the entire video material was gone and could only be rescued with a lot of trouble.” During the shoot, Nic found a doll lying in a corner. The frightened Cuban video-team recommended him to for God’s sake throw it away immediately. Superstition, coincidence, Voodoo? In any case a scary memory that won’t be forgotten quickly.



The beauty/beauties of the country.

The choice for the leading actress Mariam Curvelo was a lucky strike. Her natural beauty sparkles in the video and reminds one of Lisa Bonet in Angelheart. Also Nic enthuses: «Shooting the video with Mariam was absolutely marvellous! But also the little boy Christiam Torres was impressive, even though he’s only 9 years old, he can act like a professional!» Martin Häusler has masterly set in scene these wonderful pictures in his own specific way and created a fantastic clip!

Back from Japan and after a short pit stop in Switzerland, Gotthard has started there extensive European tour! From Italy over France to Spain, Germany and Austria, the band will rock at the Swissmas Tour at the end of November, before hitting off for the end of the BANG! world tour in South America at the end of the year!
Rock’n’roll (and how I like it)




Gotthard/Zanini - Wine

Finally it has arrived: the Gotthard/Zanini - wine (Vendemmia 2011 Reserve - Merlot del Ticino). Only available as a limited edition, exclusively in the Gotthard Shop.

The idea came about in 2011 during the band’s first photo shoot with Nic Maeder, in the wine cellars of Vini Zanini in Medrisiotto. During the shoot, Gotthard and the Zanini family decided to produce a common wine and baptised the barrel right on the spot, that is…they all originally signed it. (Nic remembers it was his first autograph as a new band member.)

Gotthard wine


Leo’s suggestion to donate the sales proceeds of this limited edition wine to a charity organisation in Ticino, made sense to everyone: a real Ticino wine! From Ticino for Ticino!
The profits will go entirely to Myosuisse – the muscle association in Ticino Click Here


To order the wine: Gotthard Webshop

*Please note that only shipping within Switzerland is possible!




Win a Meet & Greet

Photo from Schupfart festival - More photos in the Gallery


Meet & Greets to win for the following shows:

21.10.2014/France/Paris/Le Trabendo
25.10.2014/Spain/Madrid/La Riviera
03.11.2014/Germany/Berlin/Huxley's Neue Welt
29.11.2014/Switzerland/Neuchatel/Patinoire du Littoral

Only for Fanclub members!
Info: All Access 57 or hilde@gotthard.com


When you want to become a member of the Fanclub, simply click HERE, read the information and fill out the form. 





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