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Nic Maeder

“Music has been my companion all my life and always was an important part of it. It is a great feeling to be able to share in the birth of a song and to see how it keeps growing. I can experience that with GOTTHARD and it makes me happy. I am making music with friends.“



All About

What do you like about yourself?

I think this is a trick question :)


Where would you like to have a second home?

Now that I live in Lugano, Melbourne has become my second home


Which personal achievement are you proud of?

Joining Gotthard


As a child I wanted to be …..
A lead guitarist in a rock band


Who would you give a medal to and why?

My parents for putting up with all this music nonsense growing up :)


What do you not like about yourself?

The fact that I change my mind all the time


What can you cook particularly well?

I make pretty damn good lasagna


A rule for life?

Treat people the way I like to be treated


What are your hopes for the world?

I find it incredible that in our day and age there are still wars, I hope the value of life will be worth a lot more one day


What do you wish for yourself?

Health ,happiness and a space ship


Which of your hobbies fascinates you and why?

I used to do a lot of sailing but never get the time anymore, there's a feeling of being at one with nature which I find really relaxing


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