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Marc Lynn

With 6 years I held my first instrument in my hands and the fascination of playing an instrument has remained to this day. For me music is a wonderful way to experience emotions and to pass it on to other people. It helps in all walks of life and enhances or influences a person's mood, whether it is with grief, at a party, for a change of mood or to just let go.


I never want to stop making music.



All About

What do you like about yourself?

My positivity and my openness


Where would you like to have a second home?

Directly by a Fjord, somewhere in Scandinavia


What would you spend a lot of money on?

To fly into space and to see the earth from there. Our attitude towards our planet would surely change at such a sight.


Which personal achievement are you proud of?

Surviving all the ups and downs together with my band and together not giving up the struggle for success.


As a child I wanted to be …..

Pilot or Astronaut


How do you best relax?

When riding a motorbike and while bowling. You concentrate on what you are doing at that moment and everything else is secondary


What pushes you forward?

I have a positive attitude to every new challenge. This always gives me the strength to cope with current changes and to look ahead.


What do you not like about yourself?

My sense of justice is too strong. I care too much about others and their well-being and place my own welfare in the background which often makes me unhappy.


What can you cook particularly well?

Quick Asian and Swiss dishes


Who would you like to change places with for a month?

With a Formula 1 racer. It is also a kind of rock n 'roll and the adrenaline is just as present as in music. I just need this.


What are your hopes for the world?

A little more relaxation and to respect others and let live. It should also be about the welfare of the people and not for the benefit of the economy.


Which of your hobbies fascinates you and why?

Currently it is go kart racing. I like the race feeling and the adrenaline rush. If you can also do this with a good team, the fun is all the greater.


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