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Leo Leoni

I fell in love with my Les Paul when I was 12...

After a few years I fell in love with Rock n' Roll... and with a dream:  a Rock n' Roll band!

... Still in love, still dreaming and still rockin'



All About

What do you like about yourself?



What would you spend a lot of money on?

If I had a lot of money I would spend it to help someone not as lucky as I am.


Which personal achievement are you proud of?

Everything I’ve achieved in my life. My private life and my music career


As a child I wanted to be …..

Someone like Zorro


How do you best relax?

In front of an ice cold beer


Who would you give a medal to and why?

The guys who invented the shower.....don`t need to explain why


What do you not like about yourself?

I take everything to serious


A rule for life?

Keep the respect


Who would you like to change places with for a month?

With Leo Leoni. He is a cool dude ;-)


What do you wish for yourself?



Which of your hobbies fascinates you and why?

The music, because music is always something new


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gotthard silver-cover

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