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Freddy Scherer

I am still living the Rock n Roll dream that started over 30 years ago. Travelling around the world with friends, play music, meeting lots of people, sharing good and bad moments and at the end of the day having a drink together.



All About

What do you like about yourself?

Being me


Where would you like to have a second home?

One home is good enough for me.


Which personal achievement are you proud of?

Being a professional musician.


As a child I wanted to be …..

Musician or alpine ski racer.


How do you best relax?

When I go hiking.


What pushes you forward?



A rule for life

Appreciate what you have.


A rule for life?

Keep the respect


Where do you always keep on going while zapping?

At 99% of the programs.


What are your hopes for the world?

Less egoism


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