Defrosted Tour 2018


Call it insanity, love, passion or obsession: Not by any stretch of the imagination are GOTTHARD willing to keep their feet still. After the triumphant Silver/Anniversary Tour with 50 shows in front of 300,000 people, multiple chart records and prime time slots at every important festival, Leo, Freddy, Marc, Hena, and Nic are releasing the next sensational news: Precisely 20 years after the release of the “DEFROSTED” album, GOTTHARD are gleefully whetting their instruments to get the legendary live experience back on the
road in 2018.



Photos by Ueli Frey & Gioele Pozzi



In the late 90s, the release of the spectacular unplugged live album “DEFROSTED” rang the bell for a whole new era: After an impressive rocket launch with headliner tours and their first #1 albums in Switzerland, GOTTHARD went all in again with an unplugged live album. Successfully. “DEFROSTED” reached double platinum sales after three months, and the accompanying tour across sold-out clubs and onto massive festival stages went on for two years instead of the originally slated two months due to overwhelming demand – additionally providing the boys with a brand-new fan base. Because of its extraordinary intimacy and atmosphere, the “DEFROSTED
UNPLUGGED TOUR 1997” is still iconic today and a main topic throughout all media and fan communities.


Upping the ante is a matter of honor for the ultimate unplugged experience’s new edition. On the face of it, GOTTHARD have again selected the finest small clubs and secured the biggest festivals – however, on the inside, of course, the band is now equipped with over 20 years of additional experience and a truck load full of additional hits. The “DEFROSTED UNPLUGGED TOUR 2018” offers high fives with current and former guest musicians, all-time faves as well as new hits like “Heaven”, “Lift U Up” and “Anytime,
Anywhere”, which weren’t even written in 1997 – and all of this wrapped in brand-new acoustic arrangements for a unique party full of great moments, quiet memories and much loved riffs.


Photo: Paul Nielsen



Those, who don’t want to risk waiting another 20 years, should keep a few nights clear in 2018 and watch out for the next newsletter: All dates of the “DEFROSTED UNPLUGGED TOUR 2018” will be announced here first.



Photogallery updated Rock Of Ages

The photogallery has been updated with photos from Rock Oz´ Arénes in Avenches Switzerland. Photos by Fredo Dubuis. Click HERE to enter the photogallery.


Gotthard Avenches

 Next show tomorrow at Baltic Open Air in Haddeby, Germany. Baltic Open Air Website


Gotthard movie One life, one soul

 Notes by Kevin Merz - Director of the movie

The story of the Swiss rock band “Gotthard” fascinates me: apparently ordinary young men coming out of nowhere who, thanks to great ambition, talent, hard work and the courage to dream the impossible were able to achieve their dream: to play their music around the world. The more I discussed the project with the production company Amka Films, the more I had the feeling that it was a story touching my own sensibilities.

When I began to prepare the documentary, I started to discover many connections between the story of the band and my own. First of all, I grew up in the same village as Steve Lee, in Porza, a small village of Ticino. To live as a young man in the conservative Ticino of the 1990’s meant to have people call you homosexual just because you had long hair or for the way you dressed. So I know what it means to grow up and try to develop your own creative identity in such a hostile setting. Further more, the continuous conflict that Gotthard had between their own artistic vision and the requests of the market is a type of experience that matches with themes and reflections very close to my heart, as a person and as a director.


An Amka Films production, in coproduction with RSI and Bunkerville - Swiss distribution: Filmcoopi AG - International Sales: The Open Reel



Friendship is also a sensitive subject to me. In my last documentary “Terra”, I confronted this theme reflecting on one’s own roots in connection with the death of a dear friend, another experience that I unfortunately share with Gotthard. The biggest challenge for the band arrived in fact with Steve Lee’s death at age 49 on a road in Nevada during a moto trip. This was the biggest blow, as Steve was with Leo the founder of the band, its soul, its voice.This common ground gave me the urge to fully embark in this rock odyssey called „Gotthard – One Life, One Soul“.

The strength of this band to overcome all the obstacles over the years and stick together to live the life they chose was very inspiring to me and a very important message I want to share.


Movie premiere at Locarno Film Festival August 12 at 9.00 pm

Tickets Here: Locarno Filmfestival



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